A platform of beautiful erotica, offering ethically produced erotic films, videos, erotic stories, erotic audio, beautiful photographic galleries, and online magazine all focused on female pleasure, healthy sexuality and wellbeing.

An independent erotic site produced by a woman for women, men and couples to safely and responsibly engage in sex-positive erotica, enhancing wellbeing and education. A platform of pleasure for those curious about the joys of sex.


All my beautiful erotica contains original content for adults only, created and produced responsibly and ethically for my erotic site. Only at FrolicMe can you view my full collection, a platform dedicated to healthy sexuality. This is my content, product, vision and style. I boldly like to consider it the sexiest online dedicated erotic site designed for men, women and couples. I wanted to disrupt the world of sex and focus on the joys of female pleasure in a world that is fun, exciting and consensual. I wanted a safe place for women, men and couples to explore the joys of healthy sex, a site free from advertising, banners and contact ads that offered a responsible portrayal of sex.

I wanted to bring the written word and the visual image together and create bold and exciting sexual imagery and creativity within an elegant, feminine sex-positive style, as well as an interesting online erotic magazine with interesting articles and features on all aspects of erotic sexuality with an array of submissions. And also a special gallery of beautiful sex photos and a section dedicated to the latest, biggest collection of sex toys all in one place.

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