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Rebecca Volpetti Has Taboo Vacation Fun With Her Stepbro

Idle stepsiblings are the devil’s workshop and he’s hard at work today!

In this new stepsibling family fantasy porn scene for Stepsiblings Caught, Italian cutie Rebecca Volpetti is on vacation in Europe with her dad and stepbrother Nikki Nutz. When Dad leaves to pick up Mom from the airport, the two are left alone and get kind of bored really quickly. Nikki is in his room playing on his phone and Rebecca walks in and announces her boredom, flopping down on Nikki’s bed. They decide to see what’s on TV and they land on a porn channel. What kind of awesome hotel has a free porn channel? She marvels at the size of the guy’s dick and the two are just kind of awkwardly staring at the screen together until Rebecca starts getting kind of hot and bothered looking at the action and touching herself over her clothes. Before he really figures out what’s happening, she’s shimmying out of her shorts and has just panties and her crop top left. She’s got her hand down the front of the see thru lace panties flicking the bean and she’s getting more and more horny and asks Nikki why he isn’t jacking off too.
Rebecca helps him free his boner from his shorts and wrap her hand around it while he begins to rub her over her panties and they keep watching the action on the screen.

Eventually she wants to put her mouth on is cock and he’s more than happy to receive a beej from his hot stepsis. She turns off the porn after awhile because what’s going on in real life is hotter for her. He splits her little pussy open wide after licking her clit and starts to pound her deep like he’s apparently wanted to for awhile, plus they don’t have an infinite amount of time before their parents get back, making it even more urgent. She can’t keep her mouth off his schlong in between positions, loving the taste of her pussy on him undoubtedly. When he goes back inside her in doggy, Nikkie’s nutz are in the perfect position to slap her clit with each thrust. He grips her ass and gives her a great boning from below and shoots his load into her balls deep. A creampie is a great start to vacation! Go check it out!

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